About Us

We believe client feedback leads to better software. We work with agile methodologies, Scrum, and extreme programming (XP) practices and tooling every day, which accelerates how we deliver business value to our clients.

Our Story

It all started in 2012 when George has got in touch with Thordur an Icelandic entrepreneur who has spent the last 20 years managing, project owning, investing in, and even founding IT startups and projects in Iceland.


After a series of successful projects outsourced from Iceland to Romania, Code4Nord was founded, and Outcome Surveys (the company owned by Thordur) has become the first customer.

Since 2012, Code4Nord have brought together a team of very talented app and software developers who deliver high-quality software services to startups and enterprises. Our teams of developers are client-focussed, which is why word of mouth is the most important way new clients find us.

We have spent the last eight years building exceptional, reliable software for Northern European companies.
We are an agile team of experienced developers delivering high-quality software outsourcing projects, engaging apps, and infrastructure and integration solutions that solve client needs.

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George’s Story

With a Master’s in Computer Science and more than 12 years in the industry, George spent years working in Silicon Valley as a software developer, mostly with Microsoft .NET Technologies, before building a team in Romania. During his career he’s had the chance to work positions varying from software developer to project manager to upper management. George co-founded Code4Nord in 2014.

Jan’s Story

The newest member of the Code4Nord executive team is our business development partner Jan.

From his base in Copenhagen, Jan has spent more than three decades helping organisations define their unique value proposition, optimise their business, and plan growth hacking strategies.

He specialises in helping software companies find new markets across the Nordics. It’s been a great fit having Jan on our team since early 2019, as he helps us meet interesting customers who have exciting software challenges to be solved by great people.

Code4Nord’s Values

As part of our commitment to Nordic work values, we look to maintain a high level of quality and transparency on our creative team. Each one of us is committed to making a difference and loves to build engaging software. We value adaptability, growth, and an eagerness to learn and adapt to client needs.

Our core set of values — Code4Nord’s DNA — makes us what we are and what we’re proud to be. Everybody at Code4Nord has a hand in keeping and nurturing these values:


We believe open and honest, two-way communication is key to understanding and meeting our clients’ needs. This means transparent updates and rapid feedback cycles.


Excellence comes from the desire for innovation and technical proficiency. Our team attains it through a belief in ourselves, a pride in what we do, and always striving to do better.


Keeping promises, taking responsibility as individuals and as a team, knowing we can rely on each other and working towards goals together.

Client Focus

We seek to actively involve our clients in every stage of the projects we carry out, thus making sure our distributed teams work together as One.


We encourage our colleagues to proactively seek innovative solutions for our clients and our teams, mentoring and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset that helps us achieve the best results.

Team Players

It’s being able to rely on colleagues, trusting you can learn from and teach each other. It’s also about sharing enthusiasm for what we do, being passionate about it and enjoying the journey.

What Makes Code4Nord stand out?

Many IT service companies offer custom software development, but few have software engineering in their DNA like we do.

We balance technical expertise with superior soft-skills, delivering value through excellent communication and collaboration.

At Code4Nord, we approach every project as an opportunity for innovation.


Unlike project-driven consultants or transactional code monkey factories, we focus on building a partnership with your business


Our main goal is to understand your business and to take the project management and quality coding burden off of your shoulders.


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