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Deno, what comes after Node.js

Deno is a relatively new runtime for both JavaScript and Typescript. It was released 2 years ago by Ryan Dahl, creator of Node.js, and, because there’s always room for improvement, he wanted to fix the things he considered wrong with Node.js. There are several differences between the two, but in this article we will focus …

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Integrating electronic identification and signing into a project

When implementing a solution that handles official documents, it is of great importance to identify the persons interacting with the software, to ensure the confidentiality of the information. On the other hand, official documents require signatures frequently, so an electronic signing functionality highly improves the user experience. Choosing the right solution for the aforementioned necessities …

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How to create a React Component Library

Using Storybook for your components is like having your tools neatly organized on a board. It’s easy to find a component whenever you need it and you won’t end up with duplicated code as you won’t buy the same tool twice. You can use Storybook directly in your project or in a component library and …

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Why testing is indispensable for the IT field

How can we be sure of the success of an application if we do not test it during the development process and before launching it on the market? Right now, the computer, tablet, or mobile phone, on the screen of which you are reading this article, has been tested by testers and repeatedly, before it …

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