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Which parts of your digital business should you outsource? (Which shouldn’t you?)

Repeat after me: I shall not outsource what is dear to my business. But you can consider outsourcing everything else. So what does that even mean? This article looks to help guide you about which parts of your digital business you should outsource — and which you shouldn’t. With a touch of how we outsource …

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How to optimise communication when nearshoring or outsourcing software

The most immeasurable factor into the success of any team or collaboration is also the most important — communication. How well you communicate is key to the success of any software project. After all, the Agile Manifesto said it best — it’s people before processes. Communication is also what makes teams most suspicious of hiring …

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Why IT consulting for small businesses drives innovation

At Code4Nord, we believe in the power of a collaborative, innovative team. But we also believe in the power of outsourcing and nearshoring. There is always something valuable in getting an outside opinion. Time and again, we’ve witnessed how IT consulting can infuse innovation in small businesses and digital agencies. IT consulting is first and …

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