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One Developer’s Choice of Xamarin for Cross-Platform App Development

When I began building mobile apps, the only option was to use the JavaScript framework. Back then, it wasn’t really stable and frankly I’ve never loved JavaScript, then or now. Then I saw that you could build apps with C# (“C-sharp”) because Xamarin Studio (IDE) enables code completion and sharing in C#. That’s why back …

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Where in the World is Code4Nord Now? Part I

In my role as a partner at Code4Nord, I get to go to Nordic tech events and learn about the hottest trends — and meet the most interesting people! — inside my home city of Copenhagen and all around Scandinavia. Occasionally, I’m going to share on our blog some highlights from these Nordic tech gatherings …

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Team Insights: Why Nordics? We answer why we focus on one type of client

A lot is in a name. Sure, website domain availability matters, but, when we were looking to distinguish our offering from other software outsourcing companies, we had to think of what we do and who we do it for. We are first and foremost a development company — delivering “code” to solve problems for customers. …

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Four Benefits of Software Outsourcing

More and more organisations are looking to save time and money through outsourcing to digital agencies. This is when you choose to allocate some or all of your digital and technical business processes to a specialised agency local or abroad. There are many benefits to software outsourcing, as this process has evolved to offer an …

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Team Insights: Deploying to AWS via Azure DevOps

Cloud-based services for continuous deployment are very popular because they are flexible and reliable, while they remove the need to maintain in-house build servers. This all motivated us at Code4Nord to search for solutions to automatically deploy our project to Amazon Web Services (AWS) without the need of a local server. The starting configuration for …

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Why outsourcing to Romania makes great software

Code4Nord is a proudly Romanian company with an international mindset. Most of our team is a product of the exceptional Romanian university system that sees 30,000 new engineers graduate each year. In fact, last month, our co-founder George attended the 2019 Startup Europe Summit (that’s George in the pic with Cluj’s mayor Emil Boc), where …

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