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Is software testing outsourcing right for your business?

Software testing outsourcing is an offshoot of or often companion to traditional software outsourcing. It’s any combination of short-term mission-critical testing just before a crucial feature launch and long-term maintenance testing. Automation testing and manual. User experience testing. Website, software, and mobile application testing. API testing. Continuous deployment and continuous integration testing. First and foremost, …

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How white label software services could boost your digital agency

White label software development could be that thing that takes your digital agency to the next level. In this piece we dive into when it’s appropriate and how it can benefit your business. What is white label development? What’s the difference between that and software outsourcing? Software outsourcing and software nearshoring are ways to leverage …

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How microservices are driving software outsourcing

Legacy architecture — also known as the backend you are stuck with. As software developers working in software outsourcing — or really nearshoring — we are used to this concept. At Code4Nord, we work to be flexible, adapting to each project, servicing the full software development lifecycle. That being said, it’s quite exciting to witness …

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One Developer’s Choice of Xamarin for Cross-Platform App Development

When I began building mobile apps, the only option was to use the JavaScript framework. Back then, it wasn’t really stable and frankly I’ve never loved JavaScript, then or now. Then I saw that you could build apps with C# (“C-sharp”) because Xamarin Studio (IDE) enables code completion and sharing in C#. That’s why back …

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Where in the World is Code4Nord Now? Part I

In my role as a partner at Code4Nord, I get to go to Nordic tech events and learn about the hottest trends — and meet the most interesting people! — inside my home city of Copenhagen and all around Scandinavia. Occasionally, I’m going to share on our blog some highlights from these Nordic tech gatherings …

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