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Our Icelandic friends discover Cluj Napoca, Salina Turda and Romanian Food

Between 5’th until 7’th of October Oskar and Gudni had the chance to discover Cluj Napoca, Salina Turda (underground salt mine) and our Romanian traditional Food. Hora restaurant, St. Michael Church, Mathias Rex Market Babes-Boliay University and Ursus – old beer factory Bele Vedere and Central Park – Old Casino Visit Salina Turda – an …

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Summer barbeque

On Sunday (July 31’st 2016) we have been invited to Raluca’s house for a barbeque to enjoy the summer. As soon as we have reached Raluca’s home we have started the preparation for the barbeque. As we all can see the fire is ready, we will have fried potatoes soon and Nicu is working hard …

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Visit to Marorka Headquarters

On the 8’th of February 2016 George has made a short visit to Marorka’s office. Marorka Online Team from left to right Nanna, Gudni, George, Oskar and Steindor. When your software is not working Keep calm and drink a wine. Code4Nord will fix it for you :). Prefferably the wine should be Liliac – the …

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Christmas tree

This year we have decided to make the Christmas Tree in red and gold. Below you can see the steps that we have made and also the final result – probably the best Christmas Tree that you have seen lately :). Of course the team, the Christmas Spirit, the chocolate and Fuego’s music were the …

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First year of activity

Today we have celebrated our first year of activity. We had a lot of fun and we have enjoyed the good food at Adi’s Stake House. Hopefully there will be many more celebrations like this in the years to come.    

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