Python Developer

POSTED ON: 03.16.2019


The ideal candidate:

Aside from the technical skills required for the job, the ideal candidate should show a passion for programming and self-development. We need a critical thinker, a professional that doesn’t need step by step guidance to do his or her job and is able to communicate effectively with his or her colleagues. In fact, proactivity is one of the most sought-after qualities in our company. Eligible candidates share our values and are ready to take advantage of the opportunities around them.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Develop a web application for public and admin users, using DJANGO framework;
  • Design a SQL database for storing data;
  • Integrate HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT into DJANGO templates in order to render the UI;
  • Use RESTful API to retrieve data and manipulate it;
  • Performance tuning when using large amounts of data;

Technical requirements:

  • Strong python skills;
  • At least two years experience in web development;
  • At least two years experience working with SQL DATABASES, e.g.: Ms SQL Server and MySQL;
  • Experience writing unit tests and integration/functional tests;
  • Experience working with RESTful APIs, both as client and server;
  • Experience working with versioning systems, e.g.:GIT.
  • It Would Be a Plus If You Have;
  • Experience with DJANGO framework;
  • Experience with TDD;
  • Work in agile environments with SCRUM methodology;
  • Experience with task queue services and message brokers, e.g.: celery and rabbitmq;
  • Experience with DJANGO-admin;
  • Experience with NOSQL;
  • Experience with frontend caching services, e.g.: VARNISH;
  • Experience with backend caching services, e.g.: MEMCACHE;

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