Choosing the right IT near-sourcing partner is business critical it’s a choice that can make or break your project and the market value of your solutions.

Check out the 6 reasons for choosing the right near-sourcing partner

Aligning with the culture of your company

Heavily influenced by the German working mentality we deliver on-time in high quality are team-players and not code monkeys.

Always a big pool of talented specialists

A skilled team of professionals leads the way with agile software development – the most successful way to build great software.

We offer an always on team

Experience and deep under-standing of the challenges organisations face allows us to proactively assist our clients in finding innovative, value-added solutions.

Member of the European Union

Romania is a full member of the EU. Romania is a stable, legal, and we follow all GDPR rules.

Based in Europe's Silicon Valley

In the heart of Europes Silicon Valley you find the biggest universities in EU. Mercedes, Garmin, SAP and many more have all development departments in Cluj.

We understand your business

Our main goal is to understand your business. We balance technical expertise with superior soft-skills.

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