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ReMoni is a leading provider of vertically integrated solutions for monitoring buildings resources like electricity and water and offers insights for costs and resource savings.

Bo Eskerod Madsen

“We choose to outsource select areas of our embedded programming to Code4Nord. It has given us the agility as well as high-quality programming competencies that complement our own team. The two new team members from Code4Nord have worked both on-site and recently remotely yet seen as an integral part of our team. As such they’ve been a real value add.”


Andries Roux

Product Director, LS Retail

“Over the past few years, I have had the great pleasure to work with Code4Nord. The team has been committed to the project, understood what we are trying to achieve, and delivered work at a high quality and within agreed timelines. We have 100 percent confidence in Code4Nord’s technical ability and see them as part of the bigger team in all aspects. I would highly recommend Code4Nord for any of their services that they offer.”

Halldor Jonsson

Founder, FTMI (Fyrirtækjamiðstöð Íslands)

“FTMI has in the past 18 months used the services of Code4Nord. The Code4Nord team has provided excellent results and their development has become a foundation to our business solutions. Their productivity and quality have exceeded our standards and, as a bonus, the team of developers in Cluj has been initiative in their work and, by doing that, they’ve increased the value of our solutions.”

Sveinbjörn Höskuldsson

CTO, Nox Medical

“In 2018 Code4Nord provided us with a specialised team that helped us develop software for testing purposes of one of our sleep diagnostic units. The project was successful. We had full control via daily meetings, but little management was needed. Productivity was good and exceeded our project plans. We expect to continue to use Code4Nord as an additional source in our software development.”

Oskar Sigthorsson

former Product Owner at Marorka.

“I had the pleasure of working with Code4Nord for two years while I was working at Marorka. The team was very skilled, professional and dedicated to the project. The cooperation with Code4Nord was very pleasant and our communications, via web meetings and during regular visits, were utmost professional and friendly. Choosing Code4Nord as an outsourcing partner was an excellent choice for Marorka.”

Flemming Østergaard

CEO, Atomic Software

“Our partnership with Code4Nord has been a successful one. Throughout the project we've worked with highly skilled developers that have complemented our own skills and culture well, resulting in an excellent output. The team's integrated mode of operation with daily meetings, sprints and tasks have kept momentum high and made our combined efforts very productive.”

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