Keybalance – Denmark

POSTED ON: 06.09.2020

The client:

Keybalance – Denmark

Time period:


Services & Solutions provided:

.NET framework



The Client

The client is a well-known Danish software company that offers ERP solutions. We provide services for Atomic Software by offering complementary IT outsourcing services under their brand.

The background

The client’s original ERP software, KeyBalance, was written in Windows Forms, as that was the technology used at that time. Since that, the client wanted to move towards a more appealing technology for the software, one that would support prettier UI features, and potentially would be easier to maintain.

The new software under development is rewritten in WPF of the same WinForm solution.

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges was that the client already had a WPF implementation of the original ERP platform, which had a code base in need of more structure and rigor. So, we needed to first stabilize the application, enforce good software practices, and move towards a stable solution.

Another challenge was the complexity of the application. The app itself is not a simple app, but rather a complex and demanding ERP. The clients of the app requested new functionality, so we needed to address that as well.

The solution

Atomic Software already had a WPF implementation of KeyBalance, so we continued to build on top of that:

  • Consolidating DevExpress UI elements for an easier maintenance
  • Fixing threading and performance bugs that made the application slow
  • Developing new features (supported by WPF) such as
    – Integrating ribbons
    – Saving favourite parts of the application as ribbon shortcuts
    – Integrating and developing an own IDE for the ERP tasks
    – Changing UI elements to better suit the need of the application
  • Suggesting improvements to the DataBinding part of the application etc.


Technologies Involved

  • .NET framework
  • DevExpress


The team

Code4Nord provided a team consisting of two developers with strong WPF knowledge, led by a Danish programmer, which was head of development for the new KeyBalance application. The developers were directly managed by the Danish team lead, so everything was reported directly to the client, and met the client’s need.


What Atomic Software said

“Our partnership with Code4Nord has been a successful one. Throughout the project we’ve worked with highly skilled developers that have complemented our own skills and culture well, resulting in an excellent output. The team’s integrated mode of operation with daily meetings, sprints and tasks have kept momentum high and made our combined efforts very productive.” — Flemming Østergaard, CEO, Atomic Software