Fyrirtækjamiðstöð Íslands — Iceland

POSTED ON: 06.12.2020

The client:

Fyrirtækjamiðstöð Íslands — Iceland

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Angular 7



The Client

Iceland’s Fyrirtækjamiðstöð Íslands (FTMI) is an emerging startup and law firm, which sells the technology described through a business center.

The Backstory

Icelandic companies — regardless of their size — have to fulfill specific legal requirements, which can be difficult to manage in parallel with their main activities. This is why the Icelandic Business Center FTMI (Fyrirtækjamiðstöð Íslands) wanted to build a solution which helped its clients have a better overview of their requirement-fulfillment status and to increase the transparency between their shareholders and board members regarding this information.

Being part of a company’s leadership comes with permission to access the legal and financial information of that company. However tracking these data changes is challenging as each set is managed and stored with different software. It is even more challenging to access this data in a coherent fashion if you are trying to invest in or join an organisation’s leadership.

The Challenge

Users find it most helpful if the data presented to them is easy to comprehend quickly while still covering every essential detail. Given the fact that the required information comes from multiple providers — tax authorities, accounting systems, etc. — it needs to be processed and displayed in a user-friendly way, and it needs to be as up-to-date as possible.

The Solution

Code4Nord custom-built a system that aggregates information about a business from different sources — government, accounting systems, law houses, etc. Prospective investors and shareholders can use this tool to evaluate the legal and economic status of a company ahead of any commitment, based on the reports, accounting, graphs and other information generated by this tool.

Then current stakeholders can use the internal chat, access legal documents, and other important steps for a registered company.

This data is always up-to-date because it is gathered via external systems’ APIs when the user accesses features regarding the status of a certain company, and it is displayed using user-defined filters in tables and then visualised in charts and graphs.

Technologies & Processes Involved

  • Frontend: Angular 7
  • Backend: ASP.NET Web API, Microsoft SQL
  • Hosting: Amazon Web Services
  • Source control: Bitbucket
  • Team collaboration: Jira

The Team

Code4Nord provided a team of three developers to work together with a quality assurance engineer and a designer and built the software based on the requirements of the Product Owner from FTMI.

What FTMI said

“FTMI has in the past 18 months used the services of Code4Nord. The Code4Nord team has provided excellent results and their development has become a foundation to our business solutions. Their productivity and quality have exceeded our standards and, as a bonus, the team of developers in Cluj has been initiative in their work and, by doing that, they’ve increased the value of our solutions.” —  Halldor Jonsson, Founder, FTMI (Fyrirtækjamiðstöð Íslands)