LS Retail — Iceland

POSTED ON: 06.17.2020

The Client:

LS Retail — Iceland

Time Period:


Services & Solutions Provided:

Test Driven Development (TDD)
Scrum Methodology



The Client

Iceland’s LS Retail is a world-leading provider of unified software solutions for retail in traditional brick-and-mortar, grocery and furniture stores, as well as hospitality and transport hubs.

The Backstory

They are focused on helping retail, hospitality and high-traffic points of sale like airports to optimise their business practices, increase revenue, and satisfy customers more simply and quickly.

The Challenge

Code4Nord was tasked with improving the existing software by adding new functionalities and fixing the existing issues, while, at the same time, maintaining the focus on quality and productivity.

The Solution

The existing software consisted of three mobile applications built using Xamarin, for Point of Sale (POS), Inventory and Hospitality. The three apps communicated via a Web API to send and retrieve data from a server. In order to achieve our goal of an overall upgrade and improvement, we did the following:

  • We used Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, which allowed us to share the common code between both platforms
  • We used NUnit for unit testing and Appium test automation framework for integration testing
  • Improve the code quality: better reusability, better memory management, use best design practices and principles, use best practices when it comes to using new technologies
  • We integrated the existing POS application with a software we built in-house to allow the POS application to work with any type of pin entry device
  • We enabled the apps to work in offline mode

Technologies Involved

  • Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android
  • Appium test automation framework
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Scrum Methodology

The Team

Code4Nord provided one full-stack developer who remotely joined the client’s eight-person developer team.

What LS Retail Said

“Over the past few years, I have had the great pleasure to work with Code4Nord. The team has been committed to the project, understood what we are trying to achieve, and delivered work at a high quality and within agreed timelines. We have 100 percent confidence in Code4Nord’s technical ability and see them as part of the bigger team in all aspects. I would highly recommend Code4Nord for any of their services that they offer.” — Andries Roux, Product Director, LS Retail