Marorka — Denmark

POSTED ON: 06.15.2020

The Client:

Marorka — Denmark

Time Period:


Services & Solutions Provided:

Microsoft SQL
AWS Kinesis
AWS Lambda
Responsive Design
Test Driven Development (TDD)
Scrum Methodology



The Client

Based in both Denmark and Iceland, Marorka is the leading global provider of data-driven energy management and operational performance solutions for the international maritime industry. They have decided to implement a complex system with both hardware and software to help shipping companies reduce their fuel consumption for large container ships.

The Backstory

Reducing fuel consumption is crucial for shipping companies, since oil is one of their main outputs each month. They need to be on time and travel safely, be compliant with EU and other governing bodies, but also, do all that with the least amount of fuel. Our client installed sensors on the container ships and together with the software solutions, they have created a data-driven ecosystem where the captain of the ship and the on-shore ship manager would be able to take decisions during the ships voyage that would reduce the fuel consumed.

The Challenge

Raw fuel consumption data coming from sensors is not very useful. The real challenge is to first categorize it, then aggregate it and then present it to onshore personnel in a way it can be easily interpretable and actionable.

The Solution

The optimal solution for this client was a wallboard web application, which melded sensor data with external data sources for computer-aided decision making. We have provided:

  • Integration and consolidation of data from the sensors and external sources (weather patterns, GPS positioning) into their internal maintained data warehouse
  • Data cleansing and data filtering
  • Data aggregation
  • Custom data visualization, Reports, real-time data visualization in a customizable

Technologies Involved

  • ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Microsoft SQL
  • AWS Kinesis, RDS, EMR, EC2, S3, Lambda
  • Responsive design, adaptable for smartphones, tablets and desktops
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Scrum Methodology

The Team

Code4Nord provided a team formed of four developers, one technical lead and one consultant designer for the kick-off part of the project. The development team was integrated in the client’s larger software development department, working together with 2 on-site developers and a Product Owner in a blended delivery unit.

What Marorka Said

“I had the pleasure of working with Code4Nord for two years while I was working at Marorka. The team was very skilled, professional and dedicated to the project. The cooperation with Code4Nord was very pleasant and our communications, via web meetings and during regular visits, were utmost professional and friendly. Choosing Code4Nord as an outsourcing partner was an excellent choice for Marorka.”

Oskar Sigthorsson, former Product Owner, Marorka