Outcome Surveys — Iceland

POSTED ON: 06.11.2020

The Client:

Outcome Surveys — Iceland

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Services & Solutions Provided:

EF 6
SQL Server
Knockout JS
Responsive Design
Scrum Methodology


Market Research

The Client

Iceland’s Outcome Surveys is the leading provider online survey software in Iceland. Outcome Surveys allows users to turn insights into better business decisions. This SaaS not only includes tools for creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, but also provides a platform for voting, exams and 360-degree evaluations.

The Backstory

There is little doubt that online assessment tools can impact our ability to more easily create assessment instruments, distribute to potential respondents, gather and have access to the resulting data. However it is important to understand the impact of using online assessment tools on factors that go beyond simply the ease of instrument creation. Use of assessment can provide a competitive edge in addition to measuring effectiveness, improving programming and informing future activities. Many programs are competing for limited resources and frequently this translates into a need to provide data that a program or activity is meeting its stated objectives.

Although there are many ways of gathering the needed data, online assessment tools have the potential to aid in some aspects of the assessment process with the following:

  1. Lower cost relative to other data collection methods
  2. A supportive environment for actual development of an instrument
  3. An online data collection product that for some populations may facilitate a better response rates
  4. Support for the data collection process; responses are automatically stored in the provider’s database with the ability for you to download the results when you wish. This eliminates the need for manual data entry.

The Challenge

Code4Nord’s challenge was to create a survey tool that could be used to easily design and send professional surveys. There are a lot of good survey tools on the market, so our main goal was to create the best solution possible for collecting and analyzing data. On the way, we created features like electronic voting, 360-degree evaluations, exams, and a form builder. By creating these tools, we offered our clients a complete platform for collecting and analyzing different formats of data approaching different types of organisation.    

The Solution

The Code4Nord team created this survey tool as a Web application with the following features:

  • Survey Editor – tool for setting up surveys with different types of questions, different types of survey distribution — web, email, embedded, SMS — and custom branching logic for if-style branching questions.
  • Survey View – Web-based app enhanced for mobile view to be used by respondents to submit responses.
  • Tools for analyzing data – customizable reports with visual graphics, cross tabulation, word cloud reports, data comparison, and real-time data visualization.
  • Tools for exporting data – pdf, excel, word and SPSS exports.

Technologies & Processes Involved

  • ASP.NET MVC, EF 6, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Knockout JS, Bootstrap
  • Responsive design, mobile-ready and adaptable for smartphones, tablets and desktops
  • Scrum Methodology

The Team

Code4Nord provided a team formed of two developers, one technical lead, one QA, and one consultant designer.