ReMoni — Denmark

POSTED ON: 06.14.2020

The client:

ReMoni — Denmark

Time period:


Services & Solutions provided:

Embedded C
Unit Tests & Documentation
Functional Tests & System Tests
Scrum Methodology


Energy Management

The Client

The customer is a leading provider of vertically integrated solutions for monitoring building’s resources like electricity and water and offers insights for costs and resource savings.

The Backstory

The client’s history is built on a small group of environmental enthusiasts, who wanted to fight pollution by eliminating the loss of resources. They knew that to solve it, they had to make it easier and cheaper to monitor technical installations to save both natural resources and money.

The Challenge

Code4Nord was tasked with implementing several new functionalities as well as improving the current radio protocol and its security while maintaining the focus on quality and productivity.

The Solution

Software update over-the-air and data acquisition for the new wireless water flow meter, security for proprietary radio protocol as well as extending the protocol’s capabilities for supporting a higher number of sensors across larger areas.

For this, we have implemented several new modules in the embedded microcontroller using C programming language. We created documentation, unit tests, and performed functional tests.
We did power trace measurements to make sure that the sensors are consuming the right amount of power allocated and take measures when it was above the required thresholds.
We created several python scripts to enable new functionalities and tooling and modified existing scripts to support new changes.
We performed studies and research and several protocol aspects to come up with concrete, technical improvements for the existing security and communication protocols.

Technologies Involved

  • Embedded C
  • Python
  • Unit Tests & Documentation
  • Functional Tests & System Tests
  • Scrum Methodology

The Team

Code4Nord provided two embedded developers who remotely joined the client’s embedded development team.


What ReMoni said

“We choose to outsource select areas of our embedded programming to Code4Nord. It has given us the agility as well as high-quality programming competencies that complement our own team. The two new team members from Code4Nord have worked both on-site and recently remotely yet seen as an integral part of our team. As such they’ve been a real value add.” — Bo Eskerod Madsen, CEO, ReMoni