Undisclosed FinTech — Denmark

POSTED ON: 06.10.2020

The client:

Undisclosed FinTech — Denmark

Time period:

2020 - Present

Services & Solutions provided:

Apache Kafka
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle SQL



The Client

The customer is a company based in Greve (South of Copenhagen), Denmark. The customer enables organizations to store, use and share their data across systems and platforms without security or privacy concerns. They do that by providing products, tools and services build on top of their world-leading, patent-pending format-preserving encryption technology.

The Backstory

Since the first writings appeared, when people wanted to send sensitive information which had to be read only by the recipient, they thought about encryption systems. Encryption is important because it allows you to securely protect data that you don’t want anyone else to have access to. In our times businesses use it to protect corporate secrets, governments use it to secure classified information, and many individuals use it to protect personal information to guard against things like identity theft.

The Challenge

When we talk about data security in financial or governmental institutions there is no place for mistakes, performance issues or low-quality software. The system provided to customers has to be world class created with latest stable technologies. It is crucial. It is imperative – period. Businesses who fail to implement proper encryption of their data are asking for data leak disaster and compromise of sensitive information.  The damage to the business if a data leak event happens can be catastrophic to the point that a business can’t survive the economic, brand reputation, and customer confidence effects that may result.

The Solution

The customer comes with the solution. It offers to its clients a secure way to transfer sensitive data between internal or external systems. The main advantages are that the system provided is faster, more secure, and provides something new in the industry: it can generate test data, encrypted real data with the same structure as the initial plaintext information which can be successfully used in dedicated reports. Usually encrypted data is not readable being just a bunch of weird characters, but the test data generated by the customer system resembles production data in virtually every aspect. Good test data is the very foundation of good testing of software and IT systems.

Technologies Involved

  • Frontend: JavaScript
  • Backend: Java, JUnit, JDBC, Oracle SQL, MS SQL, Firebase, Kafka, PostgreSQL, AmazonS3, Log4J2
  • Source control: Gitlab
  • Team collaboration: Redmine

The Team

Code4Nord provided a team of three members (one experienced Dev-Ops, one .Net developer with a lot of knowledge on database integrations and one Java developer with background experience on financial systems) to provide support and to develop the client application in order to be compliant with actual security standards, to be faster (integrated Kafka in Bitnami server for a real time way to send and receive messages) and also to be compatible with multiple system set-ups and databases (Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, MsSQL or AmazonS3). The software we develop must be compliant with all actual standards, being used mainly inside financial organizations the performance, reliability, scalability and data protection are expected and of course, provided.