Zizzi Fashion – Denmark

POSTED ON: 06.15.2020

The client:

Zizzi Fashion – Denmark

Time period:

2022 - 2023

Services & Solutions provided:

Kanban Methodology



The Backstory

Zizzi is a Danish fashion brand that specializes in clothing for curvy and plus-size women. They offer a wide range of stylish and trendy clothing options, including tops, dresses, jeans, skirts, jackets, and accessories. Zizzi aims to provide fashionable and flattering designs that cater to the specific needs and preferences of curvier women.

The Challenge

During the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Zizzi Fashion experienced a significant and noteworthy upswing in their online sales, which not only persisted but also continued to thrive in the post-pandemic landscape. This remarkable surge in digital sales placed a substantial workload on their dedicated team of developers, who had to adapt swiftly to the ever-increasing demand for their products through the online platform.

In response to this escalating demand and the evolving landscape of e-commerce, Zizzi Fashion embarked on a proactive journey to enhance and modernize their digital infrastructure. This undertaking involved a series of comprehensive updates and improvements across the entirety of their systems, from the front-end user interface to the back-end logistics and inventory management. These changes were strategically implemented to ensure that the online shopping experience for Zizzi Fashion customers remained seamless, efficient, and enjoyable.

The dedicated team of developers at Zizzi Fashion worked tirelessly to implement these enhancements, working closely with various departments within the company to ensure that all aspects of the business aligned with the newfound digital demands. This collaborative effort resulted in a more robust and responsive online platform that not only met the immediate surge in demand but also set the stage for continued growth and success in the digital marketplace.

In summary, the Covid-19 era marked a pivotal moment for Zizzi Fashion’s online sales, prompting them to embark on a journey of digital transformation and innovation. Through the dedication and hard work of their development team, Zizzi Fashion successfully adapted to the evolving landscape of e-commerce, incorporating numerous enhancements and updates to meet the ever-increasing demand for their products through their online channels. This strategic approach has positioned Zizzi Fashion for sustained growth and excellence in the digital realm.

The Solution

During a strategically chosen juncture, our team of highly skilled and exceptionally talented software developers seamlessly integrated themselves into the established Zizzi Fashion development team. This collaborative effort not only marked the convergence of diverse talents and expertise but also served as a catalyst for a substantial boost in overall productivity and performance within the Zizzi Fashion development ecosystem. This harmonious blending of talents resulted in a dynamic and cohesive development environment where ideas flowed freely, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and excellence.

Our team brought a wealth of knowledge and specialized skills to the table, complementing and expanding upon the existing skill set within the Zizzi Fashion development team. This infusion of new perspectives and capabilities opened up exciting avenues for tackling complex challenges, pushing the boundaries of what could be achieved in the realm of fashion e-commerce.

As a result of this strategic integration, Zizzi Fashion experienced a notable enhancement in their overall development capabilities. The synergistic partnership between our team and the Zizzi Fashion developers not only elevated their productivity but also played a pivotal role in the realization of the company’s digital vision. This holistic approach to software development not only augmented the skill set of the Zizzi Fashion team but also contributed to the creation of a more adaptable and agile development process.

Technologies & Processes Involved

  • Kanban Methodology