Why outsourcing to Romania makes great software

Code4Nord is a proudly Romanian company with an international mindset. Most of our team is a product of the exceptional Romanian university system that sees 30,000 new engineers graduate each year.

In fact, last month, our co-founder George attended the 2019 Startup Europe Summit (that’s George in the pic with Cluj’s mayor Emil Boc), where the leading players in Central and Eastern European tech entrepreneurship and innovation meet. It’s an event that connects tech startups and scaleups with the heads of international funding institutions (World Bank, IFC, EIB, EIF, EBRD) for two days focused on tech business negotiation and startup ecosystem building. There’s no doubt the choice to host this year’s summit in Cluj was deliberate based on the trust Europe has in the technology built here.

It’s this same reasoning why our Icelandic co-founder Thordur decided to build a software outsourcing company here.

How is outsourcing to Romania a recipe for great software?

Romania is invested in tech

Did you know that Romania is actually the leader in Europe, and sixth in the world, in terms of the number of certified IT specialists — with more techies per thousand residents than even the U.S. or Russia. We actually have more than 100,000 IT specialists in this small country, with approximately 5,000 new IT and communications engineers graduating every year.
Since Romania became a full member of the Eurpean Union in 2007, European countries have gained access to a generation of first-rate engineers. Romania is a stable, legal, and logical country to partner with. Companies that choose to outsource to Romania instead of other continents get the assurance of a safer framework and infrastructure for financial transactions.

For more than 17 years, Romania has steadily developed and invested in software outsourcing, which has enabled Romania to gain world-class expertise building and servicing IT and communications solutions. In fact, the IT&C sector in Romania is considered a primary growth driver with a year-on-year growth of nine percent and forecasts that by 2020 it will be worth four billion euros.

And then there’s our hometown of Cluj-Napoca. Whenever someone hears “software + Romania,” it always seems to be followed by “Oh, Cluj?” In Romania, in Europe, and in the world, Cluj has made a name for itself as a small tech mecca for reliable software outsourcing.

Plus, don’t forget that Romania has a reputation for not only having a highly technical workforce, but also a friendly one — a reputation Code4Nord is proud to uphold with not only proficient, but welcoming service!

Outsourcing to Romania is Great Software at a Great Price

Global organisations were first attracted to outsourcing to Romania because of the great price, but they stuck around because of the exceptional, stable software delivered. Digitally focussed companies aren’t just looking for low-cost options, but cost-effective ones. Business process outsourcing isn’t about getting rid of admin work, it’s about leveraging expertise to add value to your existing business.

There’s a reason big names in tech including Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, General Electric, Deloitte, Dell, Ubisoft, Qualitest, Procter & Gamble, HP, Wipro, S&T, Accenture, WNS Global Services, Intel, and Luxoft are setting up offices in Romania to better take advantage of software outsourcing — their reputation doesn’t rest of affordability, it rests on quality!

Over the last few years, Cluj and other Romanian cities like Bucharest and Timisoara have also seen an influx of business angels and VCs as innovative IT hubs are being developed around local talent. In fact, more than 70 percent of IT outsourcing in Romania is controlled by significant foreign investors which points to the trust in the reliability of the industry here.

Outsourcing to Romania comes at a fraction of the cost compared with Western Europe, but maintains the same product quality, with the EU work ethics and employment standards we should all expect. Romania is also a polyglot country which means we are used to communicating and working in multiple languages — our own team not only speaks English, but seven languages among us!

Plus, outsourcing to Romania over other workforces means you don’t have to do the timezone juggle — we specialise in Northern European countries so our team can truly work with your team, ready to jump on a call or hop on a plane in response to project demands. Nearshore software outsourcing is constantly increasing in popularity because it pairs similar people skills and work ethics with availability and accessibility needed for proper teamwork and progress.

The modern tech environment is rarely about one-off software outsourcing projects, but rather it’s about building long-term stable working relationships. This is why outsourcing to Romania is becomes more popular year after year.

Do you want to contribute to the growing Romanian tech startup environment while accelerating your own business? Why not partner with Code4Nord on your next project? Contact us today!

Why Tech Prefers Outsourcing to Romania:

  • Highly skilled IT labour
  • Northern European work ethics
  • Friendly, multilingual culture
  • Nearshoring with accessible time zone and location
  • Both Fortune 500 and tech startups trust in Romania
  • EU member state, providing legal and financial security
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