What We Offer

Over the last seven years we have built our reputation on bespoke software outsourcing projects. We work close with both established and startup clients to solve your tech challenges through engaging enterprise applications, Web applications and mobile apps. We work with all stages of the software development lifecycle.   We add value to software development in four key areas:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Mapping requirements for visual clarification
  • Decades of experience in high-quality development
  • Creating the best solution

  • Design & Iteration

    We spend a lot of time asking clients what they want, but we are patient with iterative development

  • Architecture Design

    Essential to being good software stewards, we make sure the backend is as stable as the front

  • Functional Design

    We help visualise, build and priortise your backlog with software design, with an aim at reliability.

  • Software Development

    We are here to help design your digital strategy and offer supplemental services as you need.

  • UX & UI Design

    We create beautiful engaging apps with great user experiences through great UX design and user testing.

  • Manual & Automated Testing

    We perform testing at all stages of development and can help you set up your CICD and DevOps testing automation.

  • Systems Integration

    We can make sure that what we deliver doesn’t just work in isolation, but fits stably into your workflow.

  • Maintenance & Support

    We offer support both of products we’ve built and even others. We help make sure everything is stable and secure.

  • IT Consulting

    We’re ready to jump in no matter what stage of the development process you need us.

Tech We Work With

Over the years, we’ve developed extensive experience in the following technologies — a list we are adding to all the time to be responsive to client needs and evolving tech.

Microsoft Technologies

NET, .NET Core, MVC, ASP.NET, WebForms, WinForms, WPF, WCF, Sharepoint

Front end Technologies

React, JavaScript, Angular, Knockout, jQuery, MVC, PHP, ASP.net

Cloud Technologies

Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microservices & Orchestration

Microservices, Azure Service Fabric

Back end technologies

NodeJS, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby

Mobile Technologies

iOS, Android, React Native

Embedded technologies

Embedded C, C++, ARM Cortex TI, Raspberry Pi, Bootloaders, Robotics & Mechatronics

Database Systems

Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Snowflake

QA Automation & Continuous Integration

Selenium, Xunit, Nunit, Moq, Appium, Jenkins, SonarQube, Cake, Nant

Agile development

We’re transforming your software capabilities.


We believe client feedback builds better software. We work with agile methodologies, Scrum, and extreme programming (XP) practices and tooling every day. This accelerates the delivery process and makes sure we are delivering business value to our clients.
  • Requirement Analysis 1
  • Design & Prototype 2
  • Develop 3
  • Test 4
  • Deliver 5
  • Feedback & Support 6

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