Why Code4Nord

We have spent the last seven years building exceptional, reliable software for Northern European companies.
We are an agile team of experienced developers delivering high-quality software outsourcing projects, engaging apps and infrastructure and integration solutions that solve client needs.

Northern European work ethics at an Eastern European price The Code4Nord team takes pride in the excellent software outsourcing projects we deliver.
While you may be looking for outsourcing to Romania to cut costs, by choosing our team, you are not cutting quality.

Our founders have also worked in Silicon Valley and European markets for years, and they are used to fast-paced, adaptive, and agile environments that emphasise employee engagement. We believe in fostering transparency throughout our projects, meeting set time delivery objectives, and efficiently creating reliable, stable software.

Why outsourcing to Romania is right for you

Cultural Similarities

Nearshore software outsourcing to Romania means European work values, communication styles, and close time zones. We value deadlines and delivering quality work in a transparent manner.

Great Value to Cost Ratio

At Code4Nord we pay competitive salaries to our high-caliber Romanian staff, increasing motivation. While your outsourcing to Romania, gets you high-quality code at an affordable price.

Geographic Position

We are accustomed to transparent remote working, but are happy to connect in person. Outsourcing in Romania means that we can bring our team to yours or it’s only a 2+ hour flight to visit ours.

Proactive Drive

Our experience and deep understanding of the challenges Western European organisations face allows us to proactively assist our clients in finding innovative, value-added technical solutions.

European Union

Since Romania became a full member of the EU in 2007, European countries have gained access to a generation of first-rate engineers. Romania is a stable, legal, and logical country to partner with.

Talent Pool

Our team is a product of our home. Cluj-Napoca is home to some of the best engineering institutions in Europe and a vibrant IT community. This means we deliver great code along with proficient English.

Complete Outsourcing Development Services

White Label Software Services

We are accustomed to working both directly with our clients as well as for other agencies who need our skills to fully serve their clients. When using our white label software services and outsourcing in Romania, you can be sure we represent the brand of your agency, while delivering the same caliber of code our clients have come to expect.

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Full Development Cycle

Our highly skilled team is available to deliver the entire software development lifecycle from ideation and design to polyglot development to maintenance and support. We can help you modernize your infrastructure through continuous integration and delivery, while setting you up with automated testing and documentation.

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