Five Industry Thought Leaders on the Future of Software in 2020

Tis the season of predictions. We don’t have crystal balls, but there are certain trends in 2019 that kicked off that we can reasonably presume will continue in the new decade. But anyway, as a team at Code4Nord, we relied on our network of experts that we continuously learn from. In this article, we ask thought leaders: What is the future of software development in 2020?

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Dave Hecker on Software Outsourcing in 2020

Obviously we couldn’t talk about the future of the software industry as a whole without touching on the future of software outsourcing specifically. Code4Nord is one of the software outsourcing teams that is featured on SourceSeek, a very exclusive IT outsourcing and nearshoring directory. SourceSeek founder Dave Hecker sees the demand for developers with experience in artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies to only increase in 2020.

“I expect the huge demand in the outsourcing world for cryptocurrency and blockchain developers to ease over the coming year due to increasing supply of experienced blockchain developers. Similar to what we saw a few years ago when JavaScript exploded, the sudden market demand encouraged many developers and software teams to invest in building blockchain skills and as a result blockchain experience is no longer as scarce as it was just a year ago.” — Dave Hecker, SourceSeek

Dave also has his finger on the pulse of pricing in the IT outsourcing space.

He said, “Outsourced development prices continue to rise modestly in Eastern Europe, partially fueled by the fact that demand for the LATAM market has increased rates in that region so much that many clients are turning back to Eastern Europe.”

Hannah Cork on Agile Software Development in 2020

At Code4Nord we work with agile methodologies not only because our clients typically demand it, but because we believe it is the best way of working. Agile embraces people over processes and allows anyone of our awesome teammates and client partners to speak up, take ownership, and experiment. Over the last four years, Hannah Cork has seen her role at Holiday Extras evolve from Scrum Master to a collaborative Agile Coach of now more than 20 teams. She believes agile has evolved past the rigidity it was never meant to have and entering a new stage of enterprise agility.

“We need to stop talking about Agile Frameworks and instead talking about the Agile Mindset. The jargon and buzzwords instantly turn people off and make our work so much harder to do, so we need to find ways to keep the ethos and ideals of Agile without directly referring to it in that way. So my prediction for 2020 is seeing more people talking about continuous improvement and cross-team collaboration rather than specifically about SAFe or Scaled Agile.” — Hannah Cork, Holiday Extras

Jan de Blanck on Customer Demands in 2020

While agile is supposed to be about people, it’s clear it has gained traction over the last decade or so because it makes organisations faster to respond to customer demands. Which is something you can’t afford not to do. Code4Nord‘s Business Development Partner Jan de Blanck thinks it doesn’t matter which language or framework, as more and more companies thrive — especially in the Nordics — the demand for talented developers will only increase. 

“The for skilled developers will increase in 2020. This puts companies that are depending on these resources into a great challenge, where they won’t meet their deadlines for new releases, enhancements, and, in worst cases even miss the window of opportunity. Also, they will fail to reach their revenue targets and market penetration.” — Jan de Blanck, Code4Nord

Lisette Sutherland on Remote Work in 2020

It seems the market and diversity and inclusion demands flexible work, but the market seems slow to catch up. Remote working guru, podcast host and author of Work Together Anywhere Lisette Sutherland admits that she’s “notoriously bad” at predictions around remote work.

“Our ways of working seem to evolve so slowly compared to the technology that’s currently available. But clearly, at some point, working together anywhere will be the norm and the necessity. The requirement to unnecessarily work in a set location will eventually be outdated and unaccepted by modern day workers.” — Lisette Sutherland, Collaboration Superpowers

Henry Stewart on Happiness at Work in 2020

“I’m hoping it will be a year in which people absolutely start to work in happy work places.” — Henry Stewart, Happy Ltd

This may seem simple but even what happiness at work varies per person. But as the founder and head — who hasn’t made a decision in years! — of Happy Ltd leadership and personal development coaching org, Henry Stewart has discovered a few common denominators that we should all help ourselves and our teams work on:

  • Having a sense of purpose — key to people finding joy in work

  • Independence and autonomy — being trusted and given freedom

  • You’re doing what you’re good at — you’re playing to your strengths

With all of these trends, hopefully everyone will find joy at work in 2020!

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