Why IT consulting for small businesses drives innovation

At Code4Nord, we believe in the power of a collaborative, innovative team. But we also believe in the power of outsourcing and nearshoring. There is always something valuable in getting an outside opinion. Time and again, we’ve witnessed how IT consulting can infuse innovation in small businesses and digital agencies.

IT consulting is first and foremost about the code. But it’s also about the culture. By bringing in a so-called outsider, you can unlock the key to your next stage of innovation.

IT consulting blends with and influences your culture

Let’s face it, until something even more exciting comes along, we live in an agile world. That means teams can expand and contract in response to product needs. There’s always room for an IT consulting specialist to fill in for a specific technological niche. But nearshoring and insourcing allows you to also bring in someone that can help with your cultural needs.

At Code4Nord, we bring a backbone of technical expertise, with a truly agile mindset. At our office and with our customers, we follow Scrum and agile rituals — like daily stand-ups and regular retrospectives, pair programming, Kanban, and product roadmapping and strategy.

We believe this prepares us to embed in any team’s culture quickly, and to pick up where the code needs us.

It also helps us maintain our constantly learning, problem-solving mindset, which extends to our often creative work helping our clients deliver faster.

Finally, we decided a long time ago to focus a long time ago on serving a specifically Nordic clientbase. It was mainly a cultural decision. We find that Nordic countries share in some of our core team values, like transparency, problem-solving, directness, deadlines, and a striving for excellence.

IT consulting aids your digital transformation

A digital transformation is no longer left to IT and Fortune 500 companies. Every organisation, no matter what the size, needs to integrate technology into every area of your business. It’s as much a technological change as it is a culture change, where your org gets used to challenging the status quo, experimenting, failing fast and iterating.

There’s no doubt, while all organisations need to learn how to respond quicker to customer needs in order to remain competitive, there can be resistance to these often foreign concepts of embracing experimentation and failure. IT consulting — with teams like Code4Nord who’ve already transformed — can be a comfort when brought into assist.

We take care of the tech side, so your business can focus on its core value. We bring an outsider’s confidence without judging — an easy place to ask reassuring questions. And we’ve been there, done that. Any IT consulting worth its salt can build quick empathy and trust by sharing its own honest experience — the ups and downs — of going through a digital transformation.

Especially we can share how we came out on the other side — there’s light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll love it once you get to the other side!

IT consulting smooths the wrinkles in your workflow

Is your digital agency or small business struggling to innovate? It may not be your team that’s holding you back but rather your processes. And your tech. If you want to release often in response to customer needs, you don’t only need to adopt to the culture of agile and digital transformations, you need your code to reflect it.

Sometimes you need someone external to look at what you’ve been doing. You get an outside opinion that can help find kinks and clean up both processes and code.

A lot of companies feel like they have to build from scratch. Bring in IT consulting to also help you build integrated workflows, leveraging other tools without building them. Best-in-class SaaS integrations not only achieve the same thing as build-your-own at a significantly lower cost, it could even be better. Plus you don’t have to worry about updating and upgrading anything.

We not only set up your integrations, but we can help to assure the quality of your integration partners and to make sure things remain stable with continuous monitoring.

At Code4Nord, we also follow the Boy Scout Rule. We refactor and improve your code as we go, so you won’t be held back.

We offer the full software development lifecycle so we can be flexible to your needs. Because every org and every team is different. And that’s good. It’s very good.

White label IT consulting is a great way to achieve it all

At Code4Nord, we work with a lot of other digital agencies that could be seen as our competitor. We don’t look at it that way. We have what software services we’re great at, and they have there’s. We’re there to augment their services and to help them innovate on top of it.

What’s interesting about our white label software outsourcing is that we really truly meld with your team — even representing your organisation under the guise of your own company.

This is a great way for us to all innovate together!

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